What is Mental Health First Aid

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Course Outline

Mental Health First Aid courses cover topics such as substance abuse disorders, mood related disorders, anxiety and trauma related disorders and psychotic disorders. Crisis intervention techniques for suicide and psychotic episodes will also be taught at the wo


Who should get training in MHFA?

This training is for everyone interested in educating themselves in the often misunderstood topic of mental health, through mental health first aid. Communities such as universities, libraries and addiction recovery may find the MHFA training workshop of special interest.

People working with younger communities are directed to the Adults Who Interact With Youth MHFA training.


Good Mental Health is Good Business

In Canada 20% of all sick leaves are related to mental health. Conversations around mental health and wellness are happening in workplaces every day. MHFA training provides a proven guide to help ensure that those talks are effective. Mental Health First Aid training is good for your staff, good for your clients and great for your bottom line.


Mental Health First Aid Is Not Therapy

Mental Health First Aid [MHFA] is an exciting workshop that trains participants to provide the initial help to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. Much like someone trained in physical first aid can provide early intervention in a crisis, Mental Health First Aid teaches people to know the signs of a problem and where to turn for help.

This training was adapted for Canadians by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and is a nationally recognized certification.

Please Note: MHFA training does not qualify someone to diagnose mental health conditions.


Our Training Focus

The philosophy behind MHFA training Canada is that mental health crises may be avoided through early intervention. This course serves to educate the public to take action in supporting a person experiencing a mental health crisis until appropriate professional treatment is received. 

Elevation provides high level facilitation, professional instructors and comprehensive training solutions. Elevation works intensively with all our clients to provide training strategies compatible with their specific workplace environments.

Individual customers will benefit from the opportunities for community connections found at Elevation workshops. Individuals, small group workplaces and large corporations all find a place at Elevation Mind Aid with Mental Health First Aid training and educatioprograms.


Course and Price information

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